CHIEF plays the Big Island Film Festival

Welcome to my blog. This is my first one. The talented and charming web designers at Wall-to-Wall studios are making me do it. Really, they were like, “If we’re designing your site, you’re getting a blog. You must blog. Blog, dammit! Bloggggg!” So I was like, “okay.” And here we are. I’ll try to make it good.

For now, I’ll just mention that CHIEF is screening Thursday evening at the Big Island Film Festival, at an outdoor venue in the Queens Gardens at Waikoloa. I’ll be in attendance, Chief Sielu Avea might be there, and one hopes an audience will be there, too.

If you’re on the Big Island, stop by and say hello. If you’re not on the Big Island, it’s pleasant and sunny with just a taste of volcanic haze on the air.

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