Addy Gold

Three spots I directed just won a bevy of awards (or maybe it was a slew) at the district-level American Advertising Awards (the Addys) two weeks ago.

Two spots for First Insurance (agency: MVNP) “Ukulele” and “Bubble,” won GOLD and SILVER respectively, and also won GOLD in the campaign category.

“Ukulele” features a star-making performance by Jane the Wild Boar, who also won Best Actress in the Other White Meat division. OK, I made that part up. Here’s the spot:

YouTube Preview Image

A spot for HEMIC (Agency: Anthology), “Hotel Clownifornia” won the People’s Choice Award for the year’s most popular spot, as chosen by the advertising community at large. In addition to being at large, they were “at drunk.”

“Clownifornication” also won GOLD in the :30 spot category, and a Special Judge’s Prize to boot. In their remarks, the judges cited the “flawless timing” of the spot. But to be fair, they were probably also drunk.

Overall, a great night!

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